They Came From Planet Earth

They Came From Planet Earth is a 2D puzzle platformer in which the player simultaneously controls two characters: the Alien and the Robot. The Robot can only recognize 2 directions at once (up & down or left & right), and the player can change the directions recognized with the Space Bar. Use both characters together to take down the Human Doomsday Machine and save your planet!

They Came From Planet Earth was our final project in a beginner course at the University of California, Santa Cruz called Foundations of Interactive Game Design and was built in Game Maker. The team consisted of me, Taro Kumagai, and Andy Nguyen. Together we are known as Team Frozen Yogurt. I did a good chunk of the level design, implemented events that occur from switches, and created numerous art assets including trees, rocks, platforms, spikes and other hazards in Paint and Photoshop. They Came From Planet Earth was released on YoYo Games’ sandbox website on June 1, 2011!

NOTE: The game has been taken down from the site.



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