Paper Mario Battle System Recreation

An open-source project I’ve been working on and off in my free time. This project, written in C# and MonoGame, aims to recreate the battle system from the first two Paper Mario games in a flexible manner that can be extended and used in a variety of game projects. I’ve been utilizing as many resources as I can about the internal mechanics of the games and have started reverse-engineering them to discover even more.

Currently, the battle system supports Badges, Status Effects, Action Commands, a flexible, roughly 90% accurate damage calculation, and much more. The focus has been on the underlying architecture, so in general there is a lack of visual polish.

This project is unique in that I write down all of my notes and keep them in a separate folder inside the repository. The notes range from tests I’ve done in the Paper Mario games to technical implementations of features and refactoring of existing features. The goal of this is to not only have a nice reference but also to allow new developers to understand my thought process when designing this battle system.

GitHub Repository


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