Epicubed is a 3D Puzzle Platformer in which the player takes control of cubes and record their actions through time. The goal of each level is to get the Hero Cube to the Goal Door. There are various cube types that have special abilities, including the Gravity Cube, which can hover in the air, and the Spring Cube, which launches cubes that jump onto it upwards like a spring.

Epicubed was our final project in the Senior Game Design series at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The team consisted of me, Thomas Brown, Brian Gabin, Jessica Cheung, and Camellia Khodayari. Together, we are known as Astral Studios. Epicubed was built in the Unity3D engine with scripts coded in C#. I designed all of the game’s 24 levels, implemented all of the cube types, ran playtesting sessions, and fixed gameplay-related bugs. We used an Agile-Scrum work methodology, GitHub for our repository, and Git for our revision control system. Click the image below to check out the website:



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