Defend Your Fort

Defend Your Fort is a defense game in which you must defend your fort from the Goblin tribe. To defeat a Goblin, the player must tap or click on the Goblin’s location on-screen. There are three weapons for the player to use, each being more effective at killing certain types of Goblins than others. After each level, the player enters a shop where he/she can purchase upgrades for the fort, helpers that aid in defending the fort, or repairs if the fort took any damage.

I worked on this game for two months with my brother Alex using C# and the MonoGame framework. We are known as Deeb Studios for this project. I coded the base engine, implemented AI for the helpers, and created a large chunk of the art assets including the player fort, flying goblins, and shop icons. We used GitHub for our repository and Git for our revision control system. Defend Your Fort was released on the Windows Store on November 19, 2014!

Click the picture below to check out Defend Your Fort on the Windows Store (it will open up the Store app on Windows 8+):


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