Game Projects Page and Streets of Peril’s Camera

Hello again everyone! If you haven’t noticed, I made a new page at the top titled “Game Projects.” Here you can check out various games I’ve worked on and even download and play some of them! I figured the blog was a great place to put it so I can give readers a better idea of my development background. I hope you like it!

Anyway, onto Streets of Peril. I haven’t done too much in the past week, but I did finish something significant: refactoring the Camera. It is now much more efficient in runtime and code and loads levels from the Level Editor in a more organized manner. I also removed a Vector2 variable called “OffSet” from the SubLevel class and now only depends on the Camera’s location for keeping objects onscreen when the Camera moves. It’s so much better and I’m glad I got it done!

Unfortunately, I don’t have much else to talk about. I’m simply going to continue refactoring and will do my best to finish soon. Until next time!


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